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Winterized oil physical filtration


Winterization today

WINTERSEI - the completely programmable filter system for edible winterized oils.

It is a system where you control from the control panel the filling, filtration during its progress, the discharge of melted margarine, the heating and cooling phases, washing, excluding any manual intervention.

WINTERSEI is a special filter press that remains closed, without the need for openings and inspections, for a time equal to the duration and efficiency of the filter cloths; one year / year and a half and beyond.


- There is no need to use diatomaceous earth or other filtering aids.

- It does not work with solvents, it separates the stearic parts and waxes from refined oils by means of non-metallic filter cloths.

- WINTERSEI can be maintained at a controlled temperature during the entire filtration process. This is very important in countries with tropical climates in order to avoid post-clouding problems.

- WINTERSEI operates automatically both during filtration and regeneration. The operator need only select the most suitable parameters.

- At the end of each filtration it melts the stearic parts, it discharges them, performs washing, cools down and is ready to filter again.

- WINTERSEI starts each filtration cycle with perfectly clean filter cloths thanks to a highly efficient rinsing system that eliminates all stearic and waxy residues.

- Four to six hours are required for regeneration. The new filtering process is started after a short time; the duration of the filtering process depends on the type of oil to be filtered, and it can be totally controlled at the panel level.

- WINTERSEI can also work for you during holidays, and two extra working days a week means 40% higher production.

WINTERSEI has a long service life; it needs only to be properly installed with suitable service devices, and there are no problems concerning frequent and costly maintenance.

- WINTERSEI, above all, is the result of our knowledge and experience in the field of filtering edible winterized oils, it is the sixth and most technically evolved system in our production range.


- A command and control panel for the single operations makes filtering extremely practical. Each step can be performed singly or, in the case of programmable panels, automatically and in sequence according to the predetermined standard.

- The filter is fed by a positive displacement pump which does not break up the crystals formed during maturation.

- Both the auxiliary oil cooling system and the filter’s heating and washing system are able to operate one or more machines.


- Electrically welded steel body structure.

- Hydraulic closing system with safety locks.

- Filtering elements made of mild steel with totally efficient metallic net drainages.

- Mild steel frames with coils for the circulation of the thermal exchange liquid.

- Pneumatic valves for control of filtrate, crude oil and margarines.

- Complete set of instruments for temperature and pressure control.

- Filter cloths.

- Tank below the filter pack.

- Electric locking system framework.

- Pneumatic control panel of the control valves.

- Programmable control panel for filtration and regeneration.



In order to show the positive features of our system let us first list some of the direct costs you will not incur in anymore:

WINTERSEI works without diatomaceous earth, therefore:

- there is no flour cost

- no fatty parts are lost in the oily flours.

- there is no problem in “selling” the oily flours.

- there is no “pollution” problem related to the used flours.

WINTERSEI operates without solvents, therefore:

- there is no need for an anti-deflagration system.

- Has no storage of solvents

- there is no need to distil and recover solvents.

- It has no solvent loss.

- there are no cooling costs because the system filters at a minimum of 8-10° C.

- there are no problems of clouding the filtrate once the filtration temperature has been determined.

- there are no problems connected to the quality of the filtrate.



Now, let us list the direct costs you will incur with WINTERSEI:

- cost of cooling the oil to be filtered down to 8-10° C.

- Ripening times of up to 48 h.

- cost of melting margarines on each regeneration. Max 5-7% on the oil filtered.

- filter cooling costs from 80° to 15° C.

- labour costs limited to start up and occasional checks of the system.

- energy costs for pumping oil to be filtered and for circulating hot and cold water during regeneration.


Since 1964 when we patented the regeneration system we have built approximately 20,000 destearinating filtering plates.

The experience acquired in the construction and operation of these machines over the past twenty years has led us to make changes that reduce down-times by at least 40% with respect to the earlier model.

In fact we have today:

- Rapid filling and emptying.

- Shorter melting times for margarine.

- Shorter times and increased cleaning efficiency.

- Shorter operating times with programmed systems.