GALIGANI FILTRI - Industrial filtration

Oil recovery from cardboard used for the filtration


To recover the oil present in the carton pads used in the filtration

The long experience gained in the largest olive oil producing firms in the Mediterranean since 1958, has allowed us to plan more and more reliable and easy to use machines, for this reason today we can build machines such as the PAPERPRESS.

PAPER PRESS is our new automatic system for oil recovery present in used carton pads in the filtration of oil.

With this oily carton pad pressing device (driven by an hydraulic control unit) provides for the recovery of a fresh product, non aged and non oxidised. At the same time, it reduces filtration costs and it keeps the carton pads dry and easy to manage.

With this system it is possible to retrieve, by physical means, the largest possible amount of oil trapped by the carton pads of the preceding filtration, without additional costs and without altering the product.


The machine is realized from electro-welded carbon steel and stainless steel.

The oil recovery tank is built in stainless steel closed during operation by an interlocking cover, ensuring the isolation from the outside environment; so as to preserve the quality of processing and constituting an essential hygienic element.

In this machine is present:

- An hydraulic pressing system complete with control unit, electric panel and automatic control.

- A recovery oil pump with an electric control panel, connections and tubes.