GALIGANI FILTRI - Industrial filtration

Our history


Galigani Filtri is a company that operates in the area "solid-liquid" (industrial filtration) of separation, in particular in the design and construction of filter presses and piston pumps and piston-diaphragm pumps for small, medium and large quantities.

The current enterprise, based in Monteriggioni - Siena, was started long time ago.

Galigani Filtri started manufacturing filter presses in 1958 and operated continuously up to this date in the specific field of industrial filtration without any digression.



The first filter presses were designed and built for the most important Italian edible oil refineries in the 50s.

Due to the success obtained with the first products, Galigani Filtri invested in subsequent years time and resources for the production of machinery for use in other productive fields, such as: the discolouration of vegetable oils, dewaxing of mineral oils, the filtration of pharmaceutical intermediates, filtration of wine lees, corn gluten, sodium silicate, tartaric acid etc.

Subsequently, given the variety of requests, a laboratory was set up to carry out filtration tests, tending not only to ensure the customer on the dimensional choice of the machines, but above all to seek new and increasingly efficient filtration solutions.


first diatomaceous earth filters

In the 70s Galigani Filtri began the construction of diatomaceous earth "DIATOM" filters for specific applications in the food industry.

Subsequently, with the occurrence of pollution and industrial effluent problems, Galigani began the design and construction of machines for the dewatering of industrial and civil sludges, operating at high pressure, for 12, 16 and even 20 bar; and new piston pumps.

The special slurry feed pumps represented a winning choice because they greatly contributed to the smooth functioning of the machines.


the first automatic machines

In this proceeding, technologically updating day by day our design, we created the first diatomaceous earth program filtration system.

In the same period we built the first completely automatic machines, “WINTERSEI”, for the winterization of rectified olive and seeds oils.

At the same time we manufactured the new “MATCHLESS” filter, with a plate-to-plate shaking device.

We built the first automatic membrane filter, developing the whole of the pressing technology of residual cakes after a low-pressure filtration.

Two years later the “SIMULTANEOUS” line, a line particularly suitable for the quick filtration of inert materials, was designed and manufactured.

The success of these machines is also due thanks to the choice of a PLC for the management of both the filter and the related automatisms.

Since 2000

computerization of filtration

In 2001, we faced the problem of the adoption of IT technology in filtration technology in its most important aspects, achieving significant results both from a cost-effective profile, as well as inclusion in existing production systems, without the need to rely on special technological resources.

Within these experiences matured an evolutionary process tending to a versatile and elastic organization, open to the use of external collaboration, qualified consultation and qualified external productive structures.

Galigani Filtri uses a valid computer system, external consultants with proven experience and confidence, produces projects and technical drawings for the workshop, as for the suppliers and for customers.

Flood water filtration tests are made, the selection of treatments for filtering, the selection of the required machines and the choice of dimensions in close collaboration with clients.