GALIGANI FILTRI - Industrial filtration

Industrial filtration since 1958


Galigani Filtri is a leading company in the design and manufacture of filtration equipment for solid-liquid separation.

Since 1958 it operates with competence and professionalism, offering high quality products and a service for users, installers and designers.

With over 3000 systems installed on the 5 continents, Galigani Filtri has specific experience in the solid-liquid separation field.

The company, located in a modern building situated in the countryside of Siena, it makes use of the most modern systems of research, study and design in order to solve the problems of every single application, as well as providing with its own qualified technicians a timely pre and post-sale assistance.

Within the company there is a laboratory for performing filtration tests on samples provided by clients, to determine all the necessary parameters for the sizing of the most suitable filter.

Galigani Filtri production includes filter presses and pumping units for filter press feeding.

The wide range of models ranges from manual unloading machines, up to fully automatic operated by modern PLC.

The latter can be interfaced with other supervisory tools already present in the production process.

The Galigani Filtri machines can be monitored with remote assistance systems.

In order to better meet the CE certification requirements, all machines are equipped with the most advanced safety features, such as fully enclosed filter pack protected by sliding doors or revolving wings; hydraulic lock valve mounted directly on the cylinder (to prevent accidental opening following eventual pipeline rupture).


Galigani Filters was founded in 1958 and established itself immediately in the field of filtration of edible oils, quickly becoming the preferred supplier of the most important refineries and oil mills.

Galigani Filtri is present since the early 60s in the most important national industries running vibrofinishing processes, electroplating, anodizing, and today it can boast more than 1000 installations in these areas.


The commitment to research and development allows us to offer new solutions and advanced technologies to address and resolve any problem in industrial filtration.

Our machines are designed and dimensioned with the aid of the most advanced IT tools.

The quality and durability of our filter presses are assured by:

- Particular attention in the design

- Right choice of materials

- Special filtering cloths

- High efficiency filter elements

- Innovative Machining Systems

- Stringent controls during processing

- Reliability born over half a century of experience

- Easy maintenance

The production program includes machines with plates starting from 200x200 mm, up to a 1500x1500 mm, with operating pressures up to 12, 16 or 20 Bar.


Galigani Filters offers its customers ancillary consulting services, such as:

- Filtration Tests

- Sizing Calculations

- Selection of the best pump system

- Selection of the type of machine to be used

- Automatic filtration control systems

- Computerized filtration management systems


- System start-up assistance

- Spare parts and consumables in a short time

- Analysis and research of solutions for filtration problems

- Computer support for innovative research of filtration monitoring solutions