GALIGANI FILTRI - Industrial filtration

Filter presses for each sector


The press filters and filtration plants built by Galigani Filtri run “mechanical” filtration, removing the solid particles which are inside various types of liquids.

With this type of filtration, the liquid does not undergo any chemical alteration.

It is possible to manufacture filters suitable to retain solid particles of different nature and size. For this purpose, the filtration can take place on the filter cloth of synthetic material or of filtering carton pads (for particles of size equal to 1 thousandth of a millimetre or less).


The filter press is a batch type processing machine featuring a number of filter elements operating in parallel.

Each filter press is characterized by having a filter surface and a retention volume of the solid parts, that depend on the number of plates and their size may be more or less large.

At equal application one can say that:

- the greater the filtering surface and the greater the amount of fluid that can be filtered;

- The greater the volume of retention and more amount of solids can hold in its interior.


The filter press can be employed in different fields: food, chemical, pharmaceutical, ecology, etc...

In the environmental area the main use is to drain the sludge settling on the bottom of sedimentation tanks, which must be periodically disposed of.

For biological plants of little dimensions the filter press is a valid option to centrifuges.

For chemical-physical plants, generally found in industries, the filter press is the best dehydration system ever, especially when the costs are compared to the benefits.


Generally, in order to remove the settled mud from the bottom of sedimentation tank, it possible to use different methods; the most common ones are:

Remove all the mud with a truck equipped with a tank

Doing so it is possible to carry a maximum 5-6% of dry product (so 94kg on 100 are water).

Empty the mud on the bedding.

This process requires large areas and it is possible only in warm months. The removal of sludge from the bedding trays with special scrapers also requires a lot of time and additional costs.

The filter press is the best solution to all of this because it can be installed in a raised position to discharge the compacted sludge (with a minimum dry product of 30%) directly to a skip loader or a truck.

Typical Installation Examples